Baalti Bhar Ke

‘Baalti Bhar Ke’, the 11-minute quick service, micro-culinary brand powered by Kebabs and Curries Company is a fascinating initiative.

Baalti Bhar Ke, as the name suggests means abundance, and as such, the brand delivers happiness and good food, in excess to its guests and patrons. Baalti Bhar Ke brings together five elements of Kebabs and Curries Company (KCCO) under one brand experience to give our patrons a new way of dining.

This is the newest brand to be launched by Kebabs and Curries Company and is a combination of the Kebabs and Curries’ best business practices, customer insights and new smart brand design.

Baalti Bhar Ke’s Specialities

  • 20 bestselling items of Kebabs and Curries Company
  • New delicious recipes like Keema Pao, Keema Baati, Makhanwala Tandoori chicken, Chicken Changezi, Desi Ghee Mutton Curry, Desi Ghee Chicken Curry, Khamiri Roti etc.
  • All items are available in half kilo, 1 kilo and 1.5 kilo smart packs, in user-friendly, jumbo packaging
  • Kebabs are available in party packs of 6, 12, 18 pieces
  • A super-quick 11-minute food out time from the KCCO kitchen.